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Last Updated 7th January 2018

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Howe Barracks

You may be aware that Howe Barracks is to close, probably in June 2014 and will be sold.  To date the successful bidder for the site has not yet been named.  You may remember that there is a memorial to those in the Regiment who died on active service during the period of the Regimental existence.  Concern has been expressed about the situation regarding the memorial when the barracks close.

After consultation with a number of interested parties the decision has been taken that the memorial will be moved from its current location in Howe Barracks to a new location kindly provided by the Commanding Officer, 3 PWRR, in Leros Barracks, Canterbury, thus maintaining the regimental link.

In conjunction with Mr Blue Cooper of the Vipers, who have paraded at the memorial every year since it was first built, we have chosen a place in Leros that is a suitable new location. It will form the centre piece of the area where the PWRR currently hold their Beating of Retreat.  The Commanding Officer has given assurances that the memorial can be visited whenever people wish to visit and the traditional parades on Remembrance Sunday and Quebec Day by the Vipers can and will continue.

The memorial will not be moved before June 2014 but instructions have been given that the move must be completed by November 2014 to allow for the Remembrance Day Parade. The move, however, may not be complete in time for the Quebec Day Reunion in September 2014.

The cost of moving the memorial has been underwritten by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and so will cost the Association nothing to move.  However, there may be a requirement to raise some funds to refurbish the memorial  painting etc after the move and an appeal may be launched. There will be a service of re-dedication when the move is complete and details will be issued in due course.

If anyone has any further questions regarding the memorial please contact me at :-


Kind Regards

Alasdair Goulden


The Friends of the PWRR

Dear Members

On the 15th May 2014 the 2nd Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment proved that the spirit of the Queen's Regiment is alive and well by becoming the Army Boxing Champions for the first time since the amalgamation, thus following in our footsteps in 1978, 79, 80 and 91.  What a fitting way to celebrate Albuhera Day - albeit one day early! They roundly defeated 2 Royal Scots seven bouts to two in a thrilling display in Aldershot spurred on by some enthusiastic spectator support.  I am sure that you would all wish to join the President and me in sending the Battalion very many congratulations on this outstanding win.

Kind regards and Happy Albuhera Day.

Alasdair Goulden

Association Secretary


The Lord Kitchener Memorial Holiday Center

Do you need a Break

The Lord Kitchener Memorial Holiday Center is a Registered Lowerstoft Charity whose aim is to provide holiday accommodation to ex- service personnel and their spouses or partners as well as the widows and widowers of ex- service personnel there are ten en-suite twin bedded rooms and the quality of both the food and service are of an extremely high standard.

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Farnham Branch Queens Regiment Association

Don t forget if you live locally to Farnham the ' young' Queen’s/PWRR meet monthly at the Drill Hall so for a quiet drink and a chat come along they also organise trips out and about. You will be made most welcome Please ask for more details

That's all the news I can think of at the moment, so be lucky and we look forward to hearing from you soon

Kind regards

Ian Chatfield

    Honorary Secretary

News Update

28th March 2018    Stephen Johnson Medenine to Mareth - 75th Anniversary

Surrey History Centre  £12.50…….


28th June 2018 Andrew Maclehose – Lt Col Bushell VC - WW1 Surrey History Centre £12.50…….

27th Sep 2018 Lead Dee Hutchison/Ian Chatfield Salerno - 75th Anniversary of the Landings Surrey History Centre     £12.50…..

29th Nov 2018   To be announced   Surrey History Centre  £12.50…..

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Patron: Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

The PWRR are holding their annual reunion, entitled TIGER ROAR, on 19 May and have extended an invitation to all members of the Queen's Regimental Association. The Warning Order for the event is as follows.  Please note that if you want to go you must apply to them NOT to me.

Warning Order - PWRR ROAR 2018 - Sat 19TH May 18

Regimental Official Annual Reunion (ROAR) Major Event:

1100 PWRR Albuhera Day Service, St Paul's Cathedral North Transept.

[Note: Arrive by 1015 as security checks, big place. No entry fee, ticket or numbers are needed if you are in PWRR veteran dress code. ]

PWRR have the unique honour of the historic, huge National Cathedral uniquely housing our PWRR (Middlesex) chapel inside and holding our annual Albuhera service. Tiger ROAR attendees are expected to attend in good order on time to honour our Albuhera fallen, all Tigers and forebear regiments.

ROAR Lunch & reunion:

1300 Union Jack Club, Waterloo (UJC) via Bus or Tube for self-funded lunch and drinks. All Details will follow soon on registering your name, cost, etc. Drinks are until 1730 and you may carry on afterwards in the UJC bar until 2300.

PWRR Officers Club self-funded lunch & silent toast will be published separately by RHQ. Officers will then move to the UJC in the afternoon.


All are to remain vigilant and protect information and timings passed for PWRR events wherever possible.


All should aim to get to London by 0930 in various FUPs and then close up asap to St Paul's for 1015.

Dress code for all Tigers is as per the web link on the veterans page on Assoc website www.pwrrtigers.com/veterans . Get your kit ready early; the new online official regimental shop is due to launch in Jan/Feb so await that too.

Accommodation is not required for the London ROAR. We don't tolerate drink driving. Distant Branches may organise self-funded minibus or coaches if cheaper. A train return is £25-40 or less even from distant Kent or S Hampshire (book early).

This Wng O allows time so that family plans and Saturday travel can be booked early to save £s. The Royal Wedding in Windsor does not affect London so a family day out maybe an option for some (check for train deals). Any questions via me/RHQ. http://www.pwrrtigers.com/contact.html  

More to follow from branches or the Association ROAR!

webpage http://www.pwrrtigers.com/roar.html.

Yours sincerely,

Alasdair Goulden


0771 484 4069

Queen's Regimental Association